The Fifth Battle Squadron at Windy Corner, Jutland, May 31st 1916

(MP388). Pencil drawing "from details supplied by eye-witnesses". Signed H E Frecker (lower left).

The Fifth Battle Squadron at Windy Corner, Jutland, May 31st 1916

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This little pencil drawing by Lieutenant H E Frecker RNR shows the  Fifth Battle Squadron in its moment of greatest renown - HMS BARHAM leading her sisters HMS VALIANT, HMS MALAYA and HMS WARSPITE in the Run to the North when, enticed by Beatty's battle cruisers and the 5th Battle Squadron, the German High Seas Fleet was led into the sights of the Grand Fleet.  

What the drawing also shows clearly is that WARSPITE (over to the right and in the distance) has fallen out of line and, rudder jammed and Not under Command, is slowly circling, a sitting duck for the advancing HSF.   Frecker shows her on a westerly heading as she struggles to repair her steering gear and other extensive damage before she manages to regain control, Captain Phillpotts gallantly signalling that he is fit to regain the line.  In the event, the Commander-in-Chief rightly assesses that she is too badly damaged to remain on the scene and with a suitably beefed up escort she is despatched back to Rosyth.

Lieutenant Frecker has annotated his drawing with each ship's name beaneath her image and further beneath he has added his caption "The Fifth Battle Squadron at "Windy Corner", Jutland, May 31st, 1916  By H.E.FRECKER, R.N.R. From  details supplied by eye-witnesses"