(MP104). Rowland Langmaid (1897-1956). Oil on canvas signed.

HMS RENOWN with Court Flags

Limited Edition worldwide: 10 copies

20 x 30 ins (51 x 76 cms) approx.

Price band: £225-250 (canvas); £165- £195 (heavy paper)

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Langmaid, we know, had a great fondness for painting flags in all their colours and shapes and flutterings, so this is perhaps a perfect excuse for him to indulge his passion. Wearing the Standard of HRH The Prince of Wales at the main and his Master of Trinity House’s jack at the fore, the battle cruiser HMS RENOWN is dressed overall and appears to be on one of the post war overseas voyages of the 1920s when for 7 months in 1925 she acted as Royal Yacht for The Prince of Wales visiting South Africa and South America.   An escorting cruiser is firing a gun salute and the starboard after accommodation ladder is in use: the governor, high commissioner or ambassador of the receiving state perhaps arriving to call on HRH?   It's probable that the ceremony on the quarterdeck with attendant boat operations is taking priority when it comes to the lie of the battle cruiser who although at an awkward angle across the wind is providing the necesary lee on the starboard side to help smooth the embarkation/disembarkation.  The bridge will be making plenty of use of main engines to hold the big ship at this uncomfortable angle relative to the wind, the captain being torn between being on the compass platform for these vital main engine movements, or the quarterdeck where he would wish to be with HRH for the ceremonial happenings.