"SEND FOR A CAPTAIN RN" as famously uttered by Prime Minister Lord Palmerston

(MP068). Ossie Jones (1947 -). watercolour vignettes.

SEND FOR A CAPTAIN RN as famously uttered by Lord

Open Edition and unmounted.

Standard size print: 17 x 12ins (43 x 30.5cms) approx.

The print: £22.50. Post cards pack of ten: £5

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This specially commissioned collection of watercolour vignettes is laced with the Prime Minister, Lord Palmerston's cry:

"If I want a thing done well in a distant part of the world; if I require a man with a good head, a good heart, lots of pluck and plenty of common-sense - I always send for a Captain in the Royal Navy".

Printed on very heavy Italian, well toothed watercolour paper. Size unmounted :17 x 12 ins (43 x 30.5 cms).  ALSO available  as post cards (see above)