(MP040). Rowland Langmaid (1897-1956). Etchings, each signed, none dated..


Limited Edition: 200

Standard size of each etching: 9 x 13ins (23 x 32.5cms) approx.

Price: £50 for the set of four

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A Set of 4 etchings. Proof copies, each one signed. This well known collection of cautionary tales and fatherly advice by Captain Ronald Hopwood RN composed about 1912 is beautifully illustrated with many little etched vignettes. Captain Hopwood also wrote "Our Fathers", a tale of  maritime explorers and the Royal Navy down the ages: William Wyllie elected to illustate this latter set (Langmaid having already been given The Laws) and between them these two artists made  a wonderful job of bringing Ronald Hopwood's doggerel to life (Maritime Prints can also supply Our Fathers).  Rowland Langmaid, born on Vancouver Island, Canada,  joined the RN in 1910 and after service in WWI retired in 1922 to paint professionally.  He re-joined in 1939 as an official war artist and in 1940 was appointed to C-in-C Mediterranean Fleet's staff (Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham) as that theatre's offical war artist.  He produced many etchings and watercolours of the momentous events of the maritime war there and when the watercolours, especially, appear at auction they are eagerly snapped up.  Maritime Originals ( not infrequently has an original watercolour or two of his for sale.  Rowland Langmaid died in 1956.